I rarely write reviews and when I do, it’s normally caused by an experience either negative or positive that really affected me. This one, I’m happy to report is purely positive. To start, I’d like to qualify myself by saying, I don’t give accolades to just anyone. They truly have to go above and beyond, and I can say with complete honesty, Shannon did as such. If you hate long reads, then here’s the bottom line Shannon is the best. She has amazing relationships around town and even more importantly, takes the time to make sure that her clients don’t overbid or make bad investment decisions, spends hours on the phone answering any and all questions, researches like no other she made sure our home came in at appraisal, that we weren’t getting taken advantage of in regards to price, counter and HOA, and finally, she was just a great person to talk to it’s a big decision! If you’d like a more detailed read, continue below. My fiancé and I started this first-time house hunting journey right before the pandemic and we had no idea how crazy it would get. Prior to enlisting Shannon's help and services, I hadn't met the right match in terms of help. With previous realtors, it was always me asking to see places, flagging new real estate, and don’t get me wrong, now having gone through the process, I totally see that the true worth of having an agent is knowing the vernacular and the negotiation tactics/ability to calm and educate home buyers. That said, in the beginning, it’s also important to have a realtor who is taking the right aggressive steps to be competitive when a home goes on the market, and sometimes, that’s knowing well before it does. Shannon was that person for us. She was amazing. I was kind of over realtors, thinking that they really didn’t add value, given the public access to listings, so when I saw a place I liked, I just clicked the link and I have paired with a random agent (it was Shannon!). I had no intention of really continuing the relationship but after I saw the house and found out that we were just a tad too late, she went above and beyond, mailing, emailing, and researching the other residents of the small townhome community to get possible answers for us on if others would be selling, and guess what, we found someone (it ended up not working but you get the point). She worked tirelessly to make sure that we approached every possible angle to keep up with this insane market. Given our price range, the area we wanted, and an attached garage (in LA, under a certain price, south of a certain boulevard My LA people, you get me), I felt hopeless. Then bam, the place of our dreams popped up and Shannon fought for us, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is where you need an excellent realtor. We feared that we wouldn’t be able to compete and if we did, wouldn’t meet the appraisal (because come on, COVID, LA pricing, crazy people who just have 800k+ plus in cash or rich parents). What I loved about Shannon was that she never pressured us and made sure that we didn’t overbid, she checked the comps, was available 24/7, and worked her butt off to make sure that all the research was done which was incredibly important in our case. We were becoming hopeless, but her tenacity paid off and we are now new homeowners of a beautiful townhome. I’d say that besides her being a great and experienced realtor, she’s also someone who will take the time to talk you through the monotonous contracts, the lingo, and explaining counters. I’m a film studio executive and work until late, so even when it was well after business hours, she would make herself available to explain any part of the process. She’s a great person who keeps her clients’ wellbeing in mind over anything else and now having gone through the process, I know that you have to trust the person handling your business. Thank you, Shannon, for all your guidance, your help, and of course, your expertise! Without you, we either wouldn’t have our dream place, or we would be having massive anxiety over buyer’s remorse. I’m happy to say, we absolutely do not, thanks to you!

Eli L.

Brandon helped us find a home during what must’ve been the most difficult time to search for one of the coronavirus pandemics. From the start, he was gracious, personable, patient, attentive, understanding, and kind. He had to coordinate multiple schedules to see every home, as there were no open houses so he had to make appointments for each home we saw. Our vision of what we wanted to be changed multiple times during our search and Brandon always accommodated us with a smile. Every time we saw a home, my girlfriend and I were reminded about how lucky we were to be working with Brandon. His manner was in complete contrast to other realtors. He pays attention. He always begins with a proper greeting. He does not get distracted by other calls. He has a delightful personality. And one thing that we both really appreciated was that he always dresses so professionally in a shirt and tailored jacket. When it came time for negotiations, Brandon was extremely helpful in navigating the process. He patiently explained everything and although he offered helpful resources, he never pressured us in any particular direction. Brandon never let us down through the entire home-buying process and we are so thankful that we stumbled upon him early in our search.

Recce S.

Working with Cody and Team was an incredible experience! So many positive things I could speak to, but the focus I want on this review is Cody’s follow-up, communication, execution, and ability to negotiate. Prior to putting my home on sale, I was still a little apprehensive, however, Cody continuously followed up with me, provided market intel, gave his honest opinion, and most importantly, was patient with me while I made my decision on selling my home. Once I decided to sell my home is where are Cody and company won me over! Prior to the decision, I had found my future home and had 45 days to close on it, however, selling my home was a contingency of me being able to close on my new home. Meaning, writhing 45 days, we needed to put my home on the market, take photos, videos, get it ready for staging and find a buyer who could close all in 30 days! Long story short, not only did Cody achieve this monumental task but he did in record time with multiple offers on the table and eventually accepting an offer 50,000 above my asking price with a waived appraisal contingency! Overall, the experience working with Cody was incredible. I highly recommend working with him and his team on your next home sale. Thanks again, guys!


We as a family were left with the task of selling our childhood home. The best part of it was picking Carlos Sotelo and his Team to advise us on all the fine points of selling the home, above a group of excellent realtors. They advised us on everything from what to fix or clean up for sale, to the right pricing of the home. we could feel his experience and attention to detail all through the process of getting 7 offers in about 10 days, to helping pick the right offer that got us safely through escrow. Carlos and his team were great to work with and we would do so again without hesitation. The Sale of the home was quick and Carlos saved up a lot of money on costs and unnecessary Lawyer fees. This was also a trust sale.

Alex K.

We had an excellent experience working with Alex to purchase a home. He was extremely knowledgeable, realistic, and dedicated. As a professional, he was top-notch. What sold us on him originally was his deep knowledge of the area, tireless efforts, low pressure at all times, cheerful willingness to keep showing us houses, and resilience through it being a tough market. Furthermore, he seemed to get a sense early on of what our reactions were to houses, and we appreciated how much he understood our likes and dislikes. He tirelessly worked through a number of offers we made on homes we didn't get, and never pressured us into offers we weren't comfortable with just to close a deal. This was extra important to us, given that the current marketplace was tight and could be frustrating. He calmly stayed the course and worked hard to continue showing us homes till we got the right one. We also were impressed with his working relationships with other agents, and the professionalism and knowledge he had in dealing with our mortgage broker and Escrow company. Despite our changing mortgage brokers during the process, Alex was willing to work with both, and was unfazed by the change and supportive, even though it complicated an offer we had made. He was very communicative and always prompt to respond. I would without hesitation recommend Alex. A+!

Isela L.

We had such a wonderful experience working with Feroz in Los Angeles and would highly recommend his expertise to anyone! Feroz is really an expert in his field. From the beginning, it was clear to us that he understood our wants and needs. He really sets himself apart from others in the way he can deliver exactly what you need. We had a small window of time to make a purchase and Feroz wasted no time in showing us listings worthwhile. Throughout the entire process, he was very professional and easygoing. He has a great eye for design, location, and detail. We really could not have asked for a better experience. You won't be disappointed with Feroz and all he has to offer.

Justin D.

Gina and Marcia were absolutely amazing! This was our second home purchase using Gina as our broker and the process was truly excellent. Gina's experience and expertise in this highly competitive market allowed us to find the home of our dreams and she fought hard to make sure ours was the offer that was chosen. The high level of service continued throughout the escrow process as Gina ensured we had the best inspectors to put our minds at ease. I would absolutely recommend Gina to all of our friends and family. I have no doubt that we would not have had our offer accepted if it was not for Gina!

Anson A.

I really enjoyed working with Brandon during the process of buying my first home. He was always very responsive and gave me extensive details and pointers on how to go about certain things. The entire process seemed to go very smoothly without any hiccups. Brandon seemed to have great knowledge of the areas I was interested in, what they had going for them, and what they lacked. He also was helpful in going over the properties themselves and what might make them easy/hard to live in or fix-up. I will contact him in the future if I ever need to buy another home!


Liubov made our first-time home buying process as stress-free as possible. She was a fantastic agent who truly went above and beyond to make sure we find the condo of our dreams. She was extremely responsive and detail-oriented during the whole process. She broke down the steps for us and helped us understand the home buying process as it was our first time. Even once the deal was completed and purchase finalized, Liubov continued to contact us routinely and ensure all of our needs were met. We highly recommend Liobov for any home buying questions/concerns.

Donna S.

I would 100% recommend working with Gina and Marcia. We moved to LA from England with no real idea of where we wanted to be or what sort of home we wanted. Gina helped us every step of the way and knew exactly what would suit our family. She was patient throughout our search and took the time to answer all our questions and concerns. Gina and her team provide very high-level service and are extremely knowledgeable about the housing market right now. I can honestly say we would not buy or sell a home in the future with any other agent. She is awesome.


Wolf is an absolute gem of an agent! He constantly went above and beyond for us during this process. My fiance and I didn't know too much about buying a home, and the way Wolf broke everything down made it very easy to understand. He has great character and charm. When things came to negotiations, Wolf was very convincing and got us the best deal possible. I can honestly say it feels like I've gained a professional contact and a friend. I would highly recommend Wolf to anyone looking to buy a home! Thank you, Wolf, truly.

Joyce B.

George Ouzounian is not only considered to be in the top l-1/2% of brokers in the country, but I think he is the best in the country. He is so knowledgeable, caring, considerate, and reliable. He took care of everything for me, every step of the way, from the beginning to the end, the same as if I was his own mother. In my book he is wonderful. If you want first-class, trustworthy, and the best, it's George Ouzounian and his team at the Agency.


It was divine timing the way she was sent to me. I believe the prestige of the company she works for forgot me in the door on a hot property. She was well informed on things I knew nothing about. She’s as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside. Very happy to have her assistance throughout the process as a first-time homebuyer.

Matthew S.

Working with Cody was the best decision we made in our transaction. He is extremely knowledgeable of the area, professional and polite, and was able to get our unit sold in less than a week on the market at full price! We will definitely work with Cody in the future and recommend him to anyone looking for an agent on the Westside.


Steven went above and beyond my expectations throughout the home buying process. Being a first-time home buyer, there were a lot of aspects to the process that was completely new to me. Steven took the time to make sure I fully understood everything and was instrumental in helping my family and me find our dream home.

Robyn W.

Loved working with Feroz and couldn't be more grateful for his expertise, particularly as a first-time buyer. He was able to help with complex negotiations and was endlessly patient as we worked together to close the deal on my first home, which is truly perfect. Would highly recommend it.


Shannon has been great throughout the entire home-buying process and beyond! She’s knowledgeable, attentive, and always ready to help. We know we can always rely on her attentiveness. So happy we get to work with her!

Sarah N.

Maggie stuck by us during the toughest housing market in 2020 and they eventually found us our perfect home! Maggie and Gina worked great together to seal the deal and we couldn’t be happier in our first home!

Tony S.

Very helpful during buying a home in the LA area. Quick and professional response for each question and request. A very smooth experience from searching till closing in a two-month period.


Cristina provided us terrific and reliable service! Cristina kept me informed and was always available whenever we needed her help. She also helped us get financing!