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    Kathleen Soohee Cho

    Kathleen Soohee

    Associate DRE # 02212816

    Kathleen joins the Grauman +Rosenfeld team as a luxury agent with experience that is underpinned by a solid four-year background in real estate development, promising a blend of innovation and fresh energy in her approach. Originating from Santa Monica, Kathleen not only brings a wealth of local insights but also a heartfelt connection to the communities she aims to serve, fostering a deep understanding and affinity for the region’s unique charm and potential.

    In Kathleen’s view, real estate transcends its physical boundaries, embodying an intricate interplay of emotion and design. Each property narrates its own unique tale, setting the stage for meaningful human experiences and bonds. This philosophy shapes her client-centric approach, where she prioritizes comprehensive understanding and alignment with her clients’ distinct desires, goals, and lifestyles, ensuring a tailored and empathetic service experience.

    Kathleen’s diverse professional background, spanning across cities and industries, particularly her influential stint in fashion merchandising and e-commerce, has refined her aesthetic sensibility and customer service ethos. Such experiences equip her with a nuanced appreciation for quality and detail, invaluable in the realm of high-end residential real estate. Her transition to this sector was catalyzed by a compelling phase at a real estate development private equity firm, marking a seamless and purposeful progression into her current role.

    Beyond her professional commitments, Kathleen’s life is enriched by her role as a mother, her passion for tennis, and her love for exploring the variegated landscapes and cultural tapestry of California. She cherishes her moments with her son and close friends, whether they’re trying new culinary delights or enjoying intimate home-cooked meals, showcasing her flair for hospitality.

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